In early July, we at NRG Media lost one of our true friends and mentors, Steve Albertson. Steve was a tireless cheerleader of the power of small market radio here in the Wisconsin Northwoods and throughout the Midwest. He was a man who went about his day with a perpetual smile, a firm handshake, and a kind word to brighten the day of those he worked with. We have been blessed to have known him and will miss him roaming about the NRG Northwoods studios and offices.


"Steve was one of what I called my, “coffee mooches”…coming into my NorthPro Video studio downtown for nearly two years effectively recruiting me a few years back.  He helped create a hybrid position for me within the company and we had many a lively discussion over a wide range of topics.  I’ll miss those conversations…in fact, I already do." ~ Mike M.

“There are 3 things I will remember most about Steve. His incredible sense of humor which he used to lighten the spirits of everyone he touched daily. The way he made you feel special when speaking with him – he was a good listener. His great smile every morning when I walked past his office door and said good morning to him. I will remember that great smile forever!" ~ Don K.

"Steve had such a passion for broadcasting...a passion that rubbed off on all of us at NRG Northwoods.  A passion that helped build the success of our stations.  A passion that truly will be missed.  Gone but NEVER forgotten." ~ Duff D.

"While I am sad I never really got to know Steve well (I have heard many stories about him over the months), I will always be grateful he was willing to take a chance on me for his team, and for his constant encouragement. His infectious smile will always be how I remember him." ~ Eileen S.

"Steve was a passionate broadcaster who cared not only about the radio stations but more importantly about the people he worked with. My thanks to the NRG/Northwoods team for continuing to work at a high level while he had been ill. My condolences to all of you on your loss." ~ Jeff W. 

"Steve was the breath of fresh air that we needed at our Broadcast Center in Rhinelander. Regardless of how difficult things were, he cheered us on and encouraged us with suggestions, diplomacy when needed, and always his wonderful smile. He became my friend as well as my boss. I will be forever greatful that he touched my life. I have the plant he received for his office upon his arrival here...I will continue to lovingly nurture it." ~ Sabine H.


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